• Single audit testing

  • Travel expenditures

  • Extracurricular tax credit

  • Cash

  • Student activities

  • Auxiliary operations

  • Credit card transactions

  • Review of A/P process

  • Review of payroll process

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Here at William Dobridge, CPA, PC, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of audit services.

This includes providing year round service to answer any accounting or compliance questions you may have.

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Preliminary Audit Work

By starting the audit early in May-September, we can ensure the timely submittal of your audit and make recommendations at the beginning of the next fiscal year to correct any control or compliance deficiencies we may find.

As part of preliminary audit work, we would be able to conduct the following audit procedures for the test of transactions and the USFR Questionnaire:


  • General expenditures

  • Payroll

  • Procurement compliance

  • Student attendance

  • Food service receipts

  • Local revenue receipts

  • Review of JE's

  • Transportation

  • Classroom Site Fund

  • Kayenta Unified School District
  • Ganado Unified School District
  • Phoenix Elementary School District
  • Wickenburg Unified School District
  • Topock Elementary School District
  • Arlington Elementary School District
  • Joseph City Unified School District
  • Pinnacle Education
  • Success School